How can we bury our heads in the sand and ignore the nurses strike?

How can we bury our heads in the sand and ignore the nurses strike?

BY EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT,28TH JUNE,2017-It is now close to two months since the nurses strike commenced across the country.It has been like a night full of darkness without hope of ever breaking into dawn for patients especially those with life threatening illness.As it stands efforts to find a solution to the stand off seems to have fizzled out with the ministry of health,Nurses representatives, and the government remaining silence  as the face of despair and excruciating agony continue to characterize hospitals across the country.One wonders what happened to our humanity as a country? With everybody busy  and preoccupied with the August 8 elections  campaigns who will come to the rescue of patients? The big question is who will be ruled or even led if all kenyans are dead and gone? we can not raise the dead so as to  lead them!

As UPESI MEDIA We strongly condemn in the strongest terms possible this unfortunate situation.we urge all people of good will,civil society ,media and even the church  to stand up and speak from the roof tops  that  silence on this issue can not be an option.

This is the time we spoke in one accord to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.  County governments  and  the council of governors should break their silence on the matter.As people continue to die owing to the standoff are they watching?are they really aware?

We urge president Uhuru Kenyatta to suspend all  elections campaigns  and first solve the nurses stalemate as a mater of urgency.Should this not be done then we are all headed  in the wrong direction and history will judge us harshily.Kenya is a democratic country and we ought to conduct ourselves as so.

We equally urge the nurses and their representatives to put the interests of the patients  ahead first and be willing to negotiate with  a ready to accept any offer mentality ,we can not be so selfish in our demands at the expense of our brothers and sisters who are languish in hospitals for lack of treatment.It is time to act!!

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