Want to get over a break up?,This is how.

Want to get over a break up?,This is how.

BY UPESINEWS LIFESTYLE TEAM,NAIROBI,24TH JUNE,2017-Every successful marriages in today’s    world  have their genesis in relationships.
However it  is never easy for a relationship to overcome the hurdles that come along whenever two people of the  adults of opposite sex decide to walk together.
In fact   many  relationship coaches say over 80 percent of first time and even second time called secondary phase of dating do not end up in marriages,most of them crumble and end.
One of the outstanding  feature of a relationship break up is pain,confusion and questions that one partner goes through especially if one person walks out of the other without stating the reasons why they have decided to take such action.
How do you get over the break up should you find yourself in such a situation?Here are some steps and guidelines for you.
The best way to get over someone is to get with someone else. I’m not saying you should start sleeping around. Random sex isn’t sexy, it’s dirty. But an innocent make-out session never hurt anyone. In fact, it could be just what you need.

2. Dont be  sorry for yourself

stress free woman

We’ve all been there. You know, when you walk around thinking ‘poor me’, right? Wrong! Moping doesn’t get you anywhere. Sure, your relationship was amazing. All of mine were too. But that doesn’t mean I sat around feeling sorry for myself.

Moping doesn’t get you anywhere …

3. let  the past remain in the past

All relationships are great at one point. But yours is over now. So forget about it. Don’t analyse all of your good memories and try to figure out what went wrong. That won’t do any good.

4. Go shopping !

What better way to make yourself feel good than to buy some brand new clothes? A sexy new outfit can be better therapy than a 90-minute massage.

A sexy new outfit can be better therapy than a 90-minute massage

5. Run your heart out

When you’re feeling low, the gym is a miracle worker. You’d be surprised how much fun getting sweaty can be. Besides, endorphins are like a natural high. So, instead of drinking during the day to cheer yourself up, hit the gym.

5. Go Party

Sitting on your couch watching TV is fun for a week. Trust me, you won’t be able to forget about your ex unless you’re out and about. Being social and having fun with your friends is what you’re supposed to do. All the time.

When you’re feeling low, the gym is a miracle worker


7. Date up a storm

Until you meet someone amazing who’s 10 times better than your ex, you won’t forget about him. And let’s face it, you aren’t going to meet Mr. Right sitting on your couch eating Chinese food.

Believe me, I’ve been there and another relationship doesn’t just appear out of thin air.

You have to date, date, and date some more. Remember, regardless of how bad your breakup was, it always gets better. So get out there and have fun.

There you have it!

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