Armed militia  kill 2 police officers, a student in Elwak Mandera

Armed militia kill 2 police officers, a student in Elwak Mandera

BY JOHN WERU/CORRESPONDENT,MANDERA,23RD JUNE,2017-Two administration police officer Manning equity bank in Elwak town of Mandera county were killed Friday 23rd June after armed milia attacked the financial institution.UPESINEWS.CO.KE has also confirmed   a hing school student in Elwak was also killed.

Mandera South police boss Charles Chacha   says the militia who escaped in a pro box car into the neighboring Somalia shot and seriously injured  five Civilians who are currently receiving treatment at Elwak hospital.

The militia also stole unknown amount of money from the equity bank before escaping in the 9am incident as confirmed by Mandera county commissioner Fredrick Shisia.

“A Toyota probox without number plate approached Equity Bank and the occupants started spraying the bank premises with bullets,” he said.

Mr Shisia said “a good number of civilians” around the bank were injured in the incident but he was yet to confirm the exact number.

“The probox sped off towards Elwak, Somalia, and our officers are pursuing it with the assistance of friendly forces in Somalia,” he said.

It is a difference of 10 kilometers between Elwak Somalia and Elwak Kenya and there is free movement of people.

“We are trying our best to intercept the vehicle with the help of Somalia forces but the motive of the attack is not known,” he said.

According to Mr Shisia, the increase in terror incidents in Mandera could be due to killing of two top commanders of Al-Shabaab from Elwak town.


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