President Kenyatta tells off opposition over tribal incitement

President Kenyatta tells off opposition over tribal incitement

BY PSCU,NAIROBI,18TH JUNE,2017-The  opposition has opted to incite Kenyans against each other on tribal lines because they have failed to articulate viable ideas that can make Kenyans believe in them.This is according to president Uhuru Kenyatta .

 “They are engaging in tribal competition instead of political contests,” said the President as he slammed the opposition for losing focus of what is good for Kenyans.
President Uhuru Kenyatta Sunday said the opposition lacks credible agenda to win the support of Kenyans.

The President spoke when he kicked off the Jubilee Party meet-the-people tour of Kiambu County.

The President, who was joined by Deputy President William Ruto, started his tour of the county at the St Peter’s and Paul’s Catholic Church in Kiambu.

Speaking at the Church, President Kenyatta urged Kenyans to maintain peace and unity as the country goes to the election.

After leaving Church, the President and his Deputy addressed residents of Kiambu town, urging them to remain peaceful.

The President criticized leaders of the opposition for trying to divide Kenyans along tribal lines, a tactic they used in the past to cause conflict.

“Our priority should be peace and stability because without them there will not be development in our country,” said the President.

After the Kiambu rally, President Kenyatta returned to Nairobi town where he joined more than 4,000 Akorino Church members who had gathered at the Nyayo National Stadium for a day of prayer for peace in the country.

The Church leaders blessed the President as the members, clad in white turbans and white plaited dresses for women, danced in their unique styles.

The General Conference of Akorino Churches organized the prayer event, held on annual basis.

The Akorino church is an indigenous African Church started in 1920s and currently has a membership of more than 1.5 million people.

The Secretary General of the General Conference of Akorino Churches, Prince Macharia, said they prayed for peace and stability in Kenya.

Speaking after the service, President Kenyatta said all forms of discrimination against the Akorino should be stopped.

He said all educational institutions that refuse to admit Akorino students because of their religion will lose government funding and will be prosecuted.

“Stop discriminating against the Akorino. Freedom of worship is guaranteed in our Constitution. You cannot discriminate on the basis of age, ethnicity or religion,” said the President.

“Muslims are not stopped from wearing the veil and Hindus are not stopped from wearing their turbans and the Akorinos should not be stopped from wearing their turbans,” added the President.

President Kenyatta later returned to his tour of Kiambu County.

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