Jubilee is responsible for Unga shortage -Odinga

Jubilee is responsible for Unga shortage -Odinga

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga checks Unga situation in a Nairobi shop
BY NAMULONGO PETER/JOHNWERU,NAIROBI,18TH JUNE 2017-Opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate Raila Odinga  is accusing  Jubilee administration of solely being behind the current  maize  shortage and  politicising the  issue  whitch he says  has been a major problem for all Kenyans .Odinga also says Jubilee has shown  incompetence in dealing with the crisis.

Odinga, who was speaking on Sunday, June 18 at his Karen home, says the government’s subsidized Ksh90-per-2kg packet has been distributed unevenly to specific areas, leaving 60% of Kenyans to suffer at the hands of a failed administration.

Odinga is accusing the President Uhuru Kenyatta-led government of deliberately orchestrating the current unga shortage, to starve Kenyans into desperation, submission and surrender.

“Jubilee is withholding its services with a view to procuring and supplying food in the final weeks to the August 8 elections so that relief food can be used as a tool to buy support as used to be done in KANU days,” said Odinga, who is the ODM party leader.

On June 7, the opposition coalition, NASA, had specifically asked President Kenyatta to fly to the neighboring Ethiopia and liaise with the authorities to sell maize to Kenyans, with the former prime minister now lamenting that the government did not heed to their advice therefore showing Jubilee has a political purpose.

“We also asked the President to fire the CS and PS of Agriculture and the CS of Devolution and Planning for deliberately misleading Kenyans on the famine situation. We called for a commission to inquire into the present food shortage with a view to ascertaining and reporting on the causes, and to make recommendations to prevent recurrence. Nothing has happened,” added Odinga.

NASA is now faulting the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and county commissioners for misleading the president on the unga crisis situation in the country, when they are the agencies supposed to advise him on the matter on a daily basis.

“Large maize millers, who control only 40 per cent of the unga market, were allocated 90 per cent of the subsidized maize in the strategic reserves. The small scale, local millers and posho mills who command over 60 per cent of the UNGA market have been given no allocation at all to date. Yet the president has the courage to ask why there is no UNGA in the counties. It is all crocodile tears,” He said.

Odinga  also accused Jubilee for lack of transparency in making public what donor and well wishers had given Kenyans as aid despite having  responded by giving  their help in kind  a move that  has led to them stopping  their support to Kenyans.

He  now wants the government to assure local farmers that they will buy their imported maize a good price,as no farmer will want to invest billions on importing maize when they are not sure of the market.

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