9000 IDPs  in Nyamira  county gets ksh 470 million from president Kenyatta

9000 IDPs in Nyamira county gets ksh 470 million from president Kenyatta


President Kenyatta  address Suneka residents-PSCU

BY NAMULONGO PETER/CORRESPONDENT,7TH JUNE,2017-A total of 9000 internally displaced persons from Nyamira county on Wednesday received a cheque worth ksh 470  from president Kenyatta as compensation from the government.Speaking in Nyamira after handing over the cheque  President  Kenyatta  has said the the move is to ensure that all IDPs  from the 2007 post elections violence  are re-settled once and for all.

The president has asked Nyamira residents to vote for him and his deputy in the August 8 elections so as to complete the projects started in the first term of Jubilee leadership.

He says he will ensure the elderly get monthly share of funds allocated to those over 70 years of age and also ensure that no  high school child stays at home as the government will ensure the free secondary school program is implemented fully from January next year.The president further urged for peace during campaigns and even after the coming elections.

He has accused the opposition for always hauling insults since the campaigns period kicked off a week ago,he says the opposition was suppose to have used this moment to tell Kenyans about their policy what they plan to do for Kenyans not peddling insults every time.He has  once again Called on the opposition to abandon the incitement and rhetoric that led to the chaos in 2008, instead campaign on a platform of policies.

From Nyamira the president heads to Kakamega where he will Join the deputy president William Ruto  on the campaign trail in  the western part of the country.

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