Kenyatta takes  re-election campaign  to Nyandarua,Laikipia and Nakuru

Kenyatta takes re-election campaign to Nyandarua,Laikipia and Nakuru

President Kenyatta on the campaign trail-PSCU


President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto, on Friday took their re-election  campaign  to three counties of  counties  Nyandarua, Laikipia and Nakuru, asking  residents to keep the faith in their team, which has already delivered on pledges to built a new rail and roads, and provided cleaner water, free maternity for women, and clean exams.

President Kenyatta said the visit to the three counties marked the start of his campaigns, but the tour came after a blitz through seven counties on Wednesday when he commissioned “Madaraka Express” SGR, and a visit to Nyeri for Madaraka Day on Thursday.

 “The choice is clear. They say they are 10-million strong. But we represent all Kenyans, 45-million strong. We want no Kenyan to be left behind in our journey of transformation and economic uplifting,” President Kenyatta told thousands of people in Nyahururu.

“The choice is about my team, which puts Kenya first, which has delivered on its promises to invest heavily to improve the lives of every Kenyan, against people heavy on rhetoric and propaganda but empty on action,” President Kenyatta said.

On Wednesday the President delivered the “Madaraka Express” SGR to Nairobi, fulfilling one of his key promises. On Friday, Lands CS Jacob Kaimenyi said his ministry had delivered 2.8 million title deeds, and the pledge of 3 million would be met within weeks.

The campaign trail  took the President and Deputy President to Ol Kalau, Jua Kali, Oljororok, Kasuku, and Nyahururu. They were due to make  stops overs  to Subukia, Bahati and ultimately Nakuru.

On his side  Deputy President emphasized President Kenyatta’s message, warning residents to avoid gambling with their votes when decision time comes in August.

“Don’t gamble with your future, Kenya’s future. Keep your faith with Uhuru Kenyatta. He is already delivering on improving your lives,” DP Ruto said in Nyahururu, pointing to tripling of electricity connections to households to nearly 60,000 in the county.

The DP lambasted the opposition as “critics without an agenda”, saying theirs was a daily grind of complaints and criticism for criticism sake.

“When we invest in the rail, they say it is expensive. When we expand electricity access they say we are bringing power to poor people, when we invest in roads they say we are taking loans. They don’t see the progress we are making as a country,” DP Ruto said.

President Kenyatta said his administration has proved its ability to lift the lives of Kenyans in its first term in office where it laid a strong foundation for the country’s growth and deserves another five years to anchor the development and expand prosperity.

He cited the roads constructed across the country, provision of modern medical equipment to two hospitals in every county, expansion of electricity connection to households, provision of free maternity and scrapping exam fees as some of the initiatives undertaken by his administration to lift the lives of Kenyans.

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