Expand engagement platform with the African Nations to fight terrorism,poverty Uhuru urges G7

Expand engagement platform with the African Nations to fight terrorism,poverty Uhuru urges G7

president Kenyatta at G7 summit in Italy-PSCU

BY NAMULONGO PETER/JOHN WERU,27TH MAY 2017-President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the G7 nations to   expand engagement platform with the African Nations as the only way of helping the continent fight terrorism and spare economic growth.

Speaking Saturday  at the G7 Summit in Sicily, Italy S when he made his key not address the haed of state said   Africa was the world’s new frontier for trade and investment, with current indicators showing that the continent would portend business opportunities worth $5.6 trillion by 2025.

He told the gathering that there was a rising tide across the continent bringing with it new national and transnational infrastructure; a better-educated labour force, a youthful, dynamic population – a diffusion of technology and, most important, the true democratization of the continent.

“That’s why our returns on investment are some of the highest in the world, and that’s why members of the G7 will find, as others have found, that African markets are well worth their interest.”

He urged the G7 to seize the opportunities that exist in Africa , saying the rewards are beyond calculation.

 The president did not forget to touch on gains in Innovation in Kenya which he say has been at center of development agenda.

“Kenya is a celebrated pioneer in ICT innovation in Africa. We have seen for ourselves the transformative power of innovation, as the Internet and mobile telephony have diffused power to networks and individuals.”

He gave examples of M-Farm, a mobile platform for farmers – where with the touch of a button – they find prevalent prices for their produce.

Ushahidi on the other hand, he disclosed, is a groundbreaking interactive mapping tool used across the world to crowd-source information in elections and emergencies.

“And then, of course, there is M-PESA, the mobile money platform that has brought financial access to millions who were left out of the traditional banking sector. These days, nine in every 10 Kenyans access financial services through it.”

He said these innovations, and others, had seen Kenya become more dynamic and resilient. “They have made Kenya more investor-friendly; and they have made Kenya the hub of East and Central Africa.”

He however said that  terrorism was the greatest threat to these gains in Africa and the world urging world leaders to unite and fight it as one common enemy.


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