‘Coastal region  is no longer an opposition stronghold, Mps

‘Coastal region is no longer an opposition stronghold, Mps

DP Ruto addresses Likoni residents-UPESINEWS


Deputy President William Ruto on Friday wound up his three-day tour of Coast region drumming up support for the Jubilee Party.

Mr Ruto addressed rallies in Magarini Constituency after opening Marereni Police Station, Rabai grounds, both in Kilifi County and Likoni in Mombasa County after presiding over groundbreaking of Likoni phase 1 water project that will cost Shs 540million.

MPs who accompanied the Deputy President included Gideon Mungaro (Kilifi North), Peter Shehe (Ganze) Gonzi Rai (Kinango) and Harry Kombe (Magarini), Mustapha Idd (Kilifi South), Khatib Mashetani (Lunga Lunga), Masoud Mwahima (Likoni) and Mvita Mshenga (nominated).

 They said they would vigorously campaign for the re-election of the Jubilee Administration.

The legislators said Coast is no longer an Opposition zone, as Jubilee will win majority support because of the massive development projects it has initiated in the region.

They dismissed some leaders claiming that the region remains an ODM zone

The leaders said Jubilee has gained momentum in the coastal region and those claiming that the region was still an Opposition zone were daydreaming.

Addressing wananchi at Rabai grounds in Kilifi County on Friday, attended by Mr Ruto, the leaders said they were optimistic that Jubilee will win by a landslide come the August election because it was committed to development unlike the Opposition, which was only good at propagating propaganda and divisive politics.

“The massive infrastructural development by Jubilee in this region is a clear demonstration that it was committed to addressing challenges facing the people unlike the previous governments,” said Mr Mungaro.

The MPs said they have decided to support the Government so that the region catches up with the rest of the country in terms of development saying the Opposition they have been supporting has nothing to offer the region.

“Jubilee is keen on improving the welfare of the coastal people going by the projects it has initiated for us,” said Mr Mungaro.

“When we do comparison with the previous governments which ruled Kenya for more than 50 years, it is only Jubilee that has greatly helped the coastal people barely four years in office,” said Mr Mungaro.

The leaders hit out at Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi over his failure to address the challenges facing the county and instead blaming the national government on matters pertaining to the county.

“Instead of Governor Kingi demanding accountability from the national government, he should also tell Kenyans what he has done with the billions allocated to the county,” said Mr Mungaro.

Mr Rai said coastal people will not be misled again to support political parties which ended up losing during General Elections.

“We are not going to be misled anymore to support the Opposition. This is why coastal people are now supporting Jubilee because it is committed to the transformative agenda of our people and Kenyans in general,” said Mr Rai.

The Deputy President told coastal people to ignore politicians who thrive on propaganda and divisive politics during the August General Election.

Mr Ruto said he was confident that voters in the region would support Jubilee because of what the Government has done for the people in less than five years.

“We have initiated development projects in the filed of energy, infrastructure, education, roads, health among other projects aimed at transforming the lives of the people,” said Mr Ruto.

The Deputy President told the county governments to stop blaming the national government on the current food shortage experienced in some parts of the country that has led to increase in prices of unga and yet the agriculture function has been devolved.

“Although we have done our best to reduce the prices of unga, it is wrong for the county governments to blame the national government on matters pertaining to agriculture and yet we have devolved the function,” said Mr Ruto.


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