Stop lying about Kwale land, mineral issues, president kenyatta tells Makwere

Stop lying about Kwale land, mineral issues, president kenyatta tells Makwere

The president says it was Makwere and Kalonzo Musyoka who signed away mining rights without minding welfare of Kwale people


President Uhuru Kenyatta cautioned a former minister vying for the governorship of Kwale not to lie to the people about land and mineral issues in the county.

President Kenyatta said Chirau Mwakwere should be the last person to pretend that he cares about the interest of locals in regard to land and minerals.

The President, who spoke at Lunga Lunga near the Kenya Tanzania border, said it was Mwakwere who signed away the rights of the people when he was the minister in charge of environment.

 He said Mwakwere should respect himself and stop making unfounded claims about the Jubilee leadership.

“He has been going round and claiming that Salim Mvurya (Kwale Governor) joined Jubilee to steal the resources of Kwale people,” said the President.

“Stop the propaganda because we can expose you easily since we have your records. Do not forget that we have all the records of all previous governments and we know what you are,” added the President.

President Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto, Govenor Mvurya and other leaders who spoke during a rally at Lunga Lunga described Mwakwere as an ungrateful person.

After the people of Kwale rejected Mwakwere as Senator in 2013, President Kenyatta appointed him as an ambassador to Tanzania.

The President said it was Mwakwere and former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who signed away mining rights without considering the welfare of the people of Kwale.

When President Kenyatta came into power, the Government had to cancel one of the contracts issued illegally to a company to exploit the minerals of Mrima Hills.

The Deputy President accused those in the opposition of being responsible for putting the interest of the people in jeopardy while pretending to care about them.

“Minerals will not be taken from Kwale County without the due process being followed and without taking into consideration the interest of the people,” said the DP.

The two leaders said the Jubilee Government has worked for the people of Kwale wholeheartedly.

They spoke after launching the construction of the Lunga Lunga to Vanga road, which perennially posed transport challenges for area residents.

Kenya National Union of Teachers Chairman Mudzo Nzili spoke at the rally and cautioned the opposition against creating false narratives about the education sector.

He said there have been attempts to make false claims that some schools have not received funding from government. He said such reports are unfounded and any institution with a problem should contact the union or reach the Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi.

Mr Nzili also rejected attempts by the opposition to create similarly false stories about the TSC not implementing the CBA with teachers.

“I want all peace loving Kenyans and even the politicians who like threatening Kenyans with chaos that the CBA is being implemented,” said Mr Nzili.

Governor Mvurya and his deputy Fatuma Achani also criticised Mwakwere for being hypocritical.

The Governor said the land where the Kwale County Assembly is being constructed was recovered from the former minister and it surprises him that he has the audacity to point fingers at other people.

Ms Achani said the former minister was rejected by the people of Kwale before and he will face the same fate this time.

Lunga Lunga MP Khatib Mwashetani said the people of Kwale have benefited from the development initiatives of the Jubilee Government.

“If there is one constituency that has benefited from the development initiatives of Jubilee it is Lunga Lunga and that is why we have decided to rally behind you,” said the MP.

The Governor and Mr Mwashetani said more than 70 percent of the people in Kwale will vote for Jubilee.

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