Do not gamble with your votes DP Ruto urge Kuria community


Deputy president William Ruto


Deputy President William Ruto has told the Kuria community not to blindly support political parties, which are destined to lose during the August General Election.

Mr Ruto urged members of the community not to gamble with their votes by supporting Opposition parties, which had no agenda for the country.

He said he was confident that the Jubilee Party would win the coming election with a landslide because of its development track record across the country.

 Addressing wananchi at Mabera grounds in Kuria West Constituency, Migori County, on Friday, the Deputy President said Jubilee has the solution to problems facing Kenyans.

“As a community, you should not gamble with your votes by supporting political parties that had no interest of the people of Kuria and Kenyans in general,” said Mr Ruto.

The Deputy President who was accompanied by MPs Mathias Robi (Kuria West), Mary Emase (Teso South) and Rachel Shebesh (Women Representative, Nairobi) described Opposition leaders as opportunists who could not solve problems facing Kenyans when they were in power.

He said the soaring prices of basic commodities including unga was caused by the prolonged drought that hit the country recently and wondered why the Opposition leaders were politicizing the issue for their selfish gains ahead of the August elections.

“The rising prices of commodities was caused by drought that had hit our country in the recent past. As Government, we are doing our best to solve the problem within the shortest time possible,” said Mr Ruto.

“Our colleagues in the Opposition are opportunists who take advantage of such situations to mislead Kenyans that they have solutions to such problems,” added Mr Ruto.

The Deputy President told Kenyans to question the Opposition leaders on their record in previous governments and what has changed.

Mr Ruto told voters in Kuria to detach themselves from the Super Alliance (Nasa) leaders since they were only interested in their votes, and yet they had no vision for them.

The Deputy President said the Opposition leaders only thrived on propaganda and falsehoods with the intention of winning support from Kenyans.

“You should ignore the Opposition leaders because they have nothing new for you. What can they offer you that they could not when they were in government for more than 30 years?’ asked Mr Ruto.

The Deputy President had earlier addressed wananchi in Gokeharaka Primary School and Nyametaburo Secondary School grounds before launching the tarmac work on the Motemorabu-Subakuria-Nyanguga-Nyanrikure-Getanyango-Masaba road.

Mr Ruto, at the same time, said the Government will pay secondary school fees for students starting January next year.

This would help absorb more students in seconds Jewry schools and reduce drop out.

The MPs said it was only Jubilee that has the commitment to solve the problems facing Kenyans.

Ms Emase said the Government has prioritized the development needs of minority tribes compared to the previous regime.

Ms Shebesh accused ODM of marginalizing the Kuria community by locking them out in all county seats.

“Look at the recent ODM nominations that has seen all political seats at the Migori County taken by one community at the expense of their Kuria counterparts,” said Ms Shebesh.

Mr Robi said the Kuria community has decided to support the Jubilee Party because it had no hope in other political parties.

“The Kuria community has decided to work with Jubilee because it is only here that our interests are being taken care of,” said Mr Robi.

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