Jubilee party endorses president Uhuru as its candidate for August polls

The Jubilee party  National Delegates Conference at The Bomas of Kenya.

BY NAMULONGO PETER/JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,6TH ,2017-The Jubilee party has endorsed the candidature of president Kenyatta as its presidential candidate for the August 8th elections.

In the party’s National Delegates conference held at the bomas of Kenya on Saturday 6TH MAY 2017  and brought together over 3000 members from all parts of the country,president Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto made a pledge to abide by the rule of law during this electioneering period.

They both committed to ensuring that they avoid any demeaning behavior to the office they hold,not to engage in  any way in the utterances that can divide Kenyans,they vowed to protect the good of the Kenyans and those who have entrusted them to lead this great country.

speaking at the Bomas  of Kenya after his endorsement,president Kenyatta thanked the delegates for the gesture he termed as very civil.he promised to ensure that he creates job opportunities for the youth,improve health services for Kenyans, he recalled some of the services and development record of the Jubilee administration for the last four years mentioning just but a few scraping exam fees in secondary schools, distribution of electricity across the country,the huduma centers where kenyans can get all the government services under one roof and the SGR among others.


The president also said the Jubilee has a plan to ensure that in the next year or so no parent will be able to pay school fees for their children in secondary schools.

He castigated the opposition for always blaming the government instead of joining hands to provide solutions.

 Solution to high cost of living is on the way

President Kenyatta  has  also promised that when parliament resumes their will be  a motion   introduced to review the budget in the efforts in lower the prices of unga and basic commodities.

He urged all those who were nominated once they receive their nominations certificates starting Tuesday next week go to the grass roots to mobilize support for Jubilee party.

The head of state making a passionate appeal to all those those lost in the nominations to come and join the rests promising that should Jubilee emerge victorious  they will not be left behind.

On his party   deputy president  asked Kenyans to make a wise decision during the coming election and re-elect Jubilee government so as to be sure that their lives will be better. “miaka mitano iliyopita tuliahidi tutaondoa uhasama Kenya. We have united Kenyans in one political party called Jubilee.said Deputy president Ruto at Bomas of Kenya.

” We believe in one Kenya and thus have built bridges of friendship brotherhood and unity.he added.

Katika uchaguzi unaokuja wakenya wako na nafasi ya kuamua.we believe power is for empowering of every citizen he said.


Five   more parties of NARC K,PNU,KANU,The patriotic party and Maendeleo Chap chap also endorsed president Kenyatta candidature earlier on on saturday.


KANU National Delegates also endorsed my Presidential Candidature for the upcoming General Elections at their Party’s Convention.


President UKenyatta addresses Narc  Kenya Party National delegates when they endorsed his Presidential Candidature for the August Elections at st. Andrews in Nairobi.




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