Maina Kamanda speaks on losing nominations to Jaguar

Starehe member of parliament Maina Kamanda/FILE

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,4TH MAY 2017-Starehe member of parliament Maina Kamanda has spoken a day after the  verdict on Jubilee nominations gave Charles Njaguar.

Speaking to journalists Kamanda still insisted that  he lost becasue the exercise was  not fair.

the  mean that I lost the nominations,” he said, “it is only that the nominations exercise was a sham.”

Kamanda claimed the party’s Secretary General Raphael Tuju was to blame for the “sham exercise,” but insisted he will not quit President Uhuru Kenyatta’s party out of loyalty.

“The person who won was Maina Kamanda, even if you look at the tallying,” he claimed, and insisted that “I was declared winner by the Returning Officer but there are forces who think that the young people can attract more votes that the old. But we will see.”

Kamanda had been declared winner in the nominations, but the verdict was overturned Wednesday by the party’s appeals tribunal which cited numerous irregularities after alterations in results sent from various polling stations. The appeal was filed by Jaguar who was recently filmed shedding tears outside the party headquarters in Pangani.

Kamanda insists he is in politics to stay and is planning to take his wife on a vacation to the US, perhaps to reflect after the humiliating loss.


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