Work together to protect kenyans,president Kenyatta urges security agencies

President Uhuru Kenyatta/FILE

By PSCU/JOHN WERU,NAIROBI- President Uhuru Kenyatta day called on all security agencies to develop the multi-agency approach which has helped the country improve its security.

The President said security agencies must abandon the silo-mentality where each unit worked alone, since that has proved to be ineffective.

President Kenyatta issued the directive when he gave a lecture at the National Defense College during the graduation of the 19th batch of senior level officers. It was the President’s first lecture to trainees at the country’s premier military institution.                                                                                                  

 The officers included Kenyans and  some of other African countries including Egypt, Nigeria, Zambia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The President said cooperation between agencies has seen the Government put an end to many forms of crimes including terrorism.

“A focus on a multi-agency approach, as opposed to the traditional silo approach, has paid dividends in detecting, preventing and disrupting the operational aims of terrorist groups and networks,” said the President.

He said a good example of the multi-agency approach is the ongoing Operation Linda Boni “which has demonstrated that security agencies can achieve success by working together to counter terrorism and any other threat to our nation.”

The President, who was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto, said this type of approach is being replicated across other regions of the country where there are security concerns.

He touched on many aspects of Kenya’s security including the decision to make Kenya’s border with Somalia more secure.

He said the multi-agency approach is also being used in making the border areas secure because the aim of the plan is not to create complications for border communities but to make life more secure for them.

“Our aim is not to divide people or to frustrate legal trade. We are making these security efforts while we work to integrate and strengthen the economies of the border areas to improve livelihoods and strengthen the citizenship of our citizens in those areas” said the President.

“This is an example of how hard and soft power approaches are combined to positive effect for our national security,” he added.

The Head of State also called on security agencies to adopt proactive measures to improve security for Kenyans.

He said Kenya’s security agencies have served then country well for the last 50 years but the dynamism of today’s environment demands that they transition.

“From a mostly reactive national security stance that engages problems as they arise, to a frame of mind and planning that prioritizes prevention and anticipation and that reflects our people-centric constitution,” said the President.

Later, at a separate function within the National Defence College, President Kenyatta launched Kenya’s Defence Policy.

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