let us put forward our country as we draw near to the August 8 Elections

BY EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT,1ST MAY 2017-Someone said that home is always the best.Indeed there is nowhere else Kenyans can call home apart from our beloved country Kenya. It is in this country where Kenyans working abroad   however successful they have been will always look forward to the day they return home and are united with their fellow countrymen and women, because this is where they call home. As UPESIMEDIA we take this early opportunity to  urge all players in the elections slated for August 8TH 2017 to put this country before our own selfish interest.All  political office aspirants whether presidential,gubernatorial, senatorial or even members of parliament should ensure that they all avoid any utterances that may  jeopardize this country’s peace and unity.

We have in the past witnessed increased cases of incitement to violence from politicians who incite their supporters to cause  violence or start fighting neighbors simply because they do not a scribe to certain political stand   this must be avoided  at all costs.

We as country are a democracy, one has a choice to belong to whichever political side,political  party,coalition or any assembly without victimization this should be the way.we urge for friendly campaigns before elections and even political results that will be attained by individual politicians whether positive or otherwise after the elections need to be embraced and different sides agree on how we can move forward as country.

We call upon the police to be a alert and   deal firmly without bias with  any politician regardless of their stand who want to cause or incite violence,such people have no place  in today’s world Kenya.We further call upon civil society organizations,the media,the church and even international community to be on forefront in pointing out any sign of violence or incitement to violence from any politician at this crucial historical moment in our country

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