waititu trounces Kabogo to clitch Jubilee gubernatorial ticket in Kiambu



BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,26TH APRIL 2017-TFerdinand Waititu  has been declared the winner of the gubernatorial nomination race held in Kiambu county Tuesday 25TH APRIL 2017 by garnering a total of  353,604 votes against Kabogo’s  69,916. Votes.

Speaking after the official announcement of the results on Wednesday Waititu promised his supporters through out the county that his government  will work together for the common good of Kiambu people.

we will work hard as we promised. we will bring the government to the people.

He added that his government will set up several funds to cater for various groups of people such as the youth and women.He promised that he will set up ward development fund and establish ward development committee to ensure that every corner of the county  receive equal opportunities to grow.”Kiambu will come back to it’s former glory”.he said.He said his government will help the youth secure  job opportunities.

He also added that the decission by Kiambu residents to vote for him in large numbers is a clear indication that no amount of bribe will change people’s resolve to vote out bad leaders.He further said that he had no ill feeling against his rival Governor William Kabogo and that he welcomes him to work together for good of the county.


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