Joseph Ole Lenku emerges winner in Kajiado Jubilee gubernatorial ticket

Former Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku/FILE
Former Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku is a happy man after he was   nominated as the Jubilee gubernatorial candidate for Kajiado County. The candidates who were competing for the ticket are Tarayia ole Kores, Moses Parantai, George King’ori and Joseph Ole Lenku.
Lenku will now face the incumbent Dr David Nkedianye of the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) who was given a direct nomination. In Kajiado North constituency, all polling stations opened as early as 9am but many voters did not vote by the end of the exercise. T
he same scenario was also witnessed in Kiserian, Kajiado West constituency, where many voters were locked out before the end of voting. In Kajiado Central, a polling station in Namanga was shut down due to lack of enough ballot papers.
The area incumbent MP, Katoo ole Metito, was unopposed in the party primaries and voters were only voting for MCAs, Women Representative, governor and senator.
In Kajiado East constituency, the incumbent Peris Tobiko defeated Mary Seneta, Patrick Nasoore and Julius Ntayia. Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje won after stiff opposition from Gitau Parsimei, while Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda is facing indomitable opposition from Sankok Teeka, George Sunkuyia and Philip Wuantai.

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