A woman arrested with Ballot papers in Murang’a in the ongoing Jubilee party primaries

BY JOHNWERU,CORRESPONDENT,MURANGA,26TH APRIL 2017-A woman  has been arrested  in  Kandara  Muranga county with fake ballot papers and she is being  interrogated at the Kandara police station.A spot check by UPESINEWS at various polling stations across the county  has however established that there are several anomalies being reported.At the Mukuyu social hall for instance gubernatorial ballot papers are less compared to those of women representative,members of parliament ,senatorial ,and members of county Assembly.

UPESINEWS has reliably established that the ballot papers were suppose to be 187 but we have since established that  at mukuyu social hall Gubernatorial ballot papers are only 30.The incumbent governor Mwangi Wairia who visited the polling station believes that this is a ply to rig elections given that Mukuyu is one of the  many areas where he enjoys massive support.”I think someone  has colluded  with some rogue officers  who wants to rig me out ,Let the Jubilee party be warned,i dont care what means they will use to bring the gubernatorial ballot papers here but they must bring them now” he said.

governor Mwangi Wairia

The exercise however is fairing on well in the rest of the polling stations across the county several hours  after it  kicked off in Nairobi and Murang’a.

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