Safaricom countrywide network outage causes public outcry

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,24TH APRIL 2017- Mobile  service provider Safaricom Monday  24TH APRIL 2017 experienced more than one hour of outage that affected voice calls, data and M-Pesa services.
Subscribers were caught unawares by the unusual outage that affected operations, including businesses that significantly rely on the internet. The service provider attributed the network outage to a technical hitch. Kenyans tweeted from various parts of the country complaining that they were unable to complete their calls.
Bellow are some of the sampled massages across various social media platforms:
A twitter user @JMdoma posted “@bobcollymore @Safaricom_Care what’s happening with Safaricom network we can’t call/receive calls are you sitting on the cables?” “Apologies, we are having a challenge affecting our network, data and M-PESA; our team is working to resolve. Inconvenience regretted,” Safaricom tweeted in response to one of the concerned subscribers.
More users expressed their frustrations from the inconvenience occasioned by the loss of network. @ebyans:

@Safaricom_Care Is there a problem with MPESA this morning? No transactions going through. Ps assist. @slyqush: @Safaricom_Care @bobcollymore My phone has lost network and my calls are not going through. What could be the problem? Safaricom accounts for more than 70 per cent of mobile service subscriptions in the country.

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