Find out how CHOREA UKABILA initiative is utilizing talents to better the society

Chorea Ukabila Members /UPESINEWS

BY EURIDICE NZIOKA/ISAYA BURUGU,NAIROBI,23RD APRIL 2017-”Whether we succeed or not is irrelevant,the most important thing to us is making our unknown known and that is Chorea Ukabila initiative.”. This is the underpinning statement that drives us.

With its foundation in Nairobi the  initiative   is determined to make good use of their talents in  creating job opportunities    and peace awareness  rather than letting  the youths be  misled  into anti-social behavior  and  taking part in political instigated violence .The initiative  has its  beginnings  rooted in the post elections violence that rocked the country after the 2007/2008 elections which left over 1000 people killed and thousands displaced  and the anti-IEBC demonstrations that  were  witnessed  in late 2016, both events which disturbed and jeopardized peace in the country.The  which has five initiative  members   spoke to UPESINEWS  in an exclusive interview  to share their   journey  experiences which has seen them  perform   in ACK Makongeni church in Thika, kiambu county  a place where it was started .They mainly do  songs of peace with fusion of  christian tunes.So far the group has composed seven songs  to it’s name  with  peace and shunning tribalism  key themes.


Chorea ukabila group perform in an event/PHOTO UPESINEWS

A part from singing the group has also participated and continue to take part in charitable works such vising the sick in hospitals and children’s homes across Thika and its surroundings .Notable   the group has  worked with politicians such as Thika Town Member of parliament Alice Ng’ang’a  in  meetings geared towards preaching peace and unity among others.


The group has also come up with the platform called the ‘DRIVE” which mainly mentors  form four leavers and prepares them to face  life outside school especially after they complete the secondary  education just before they join college.The DRIVE mainly  assists the teens to identify their talents,building confidence ,motivational talks,videos  and mentor ship on spiritual growth.

Chorea Ukabila group pose for a photo after a session with school children/PHOTO UPESINEWS


As any other institution teething problems are inevitable.Chorea Ukabila has had it’s share of ups and down as well.The most major one has been financial difficulties which has also been the reason why the group has managed to only record three of its songs out of the seven.There has also been a challenge with reaching the local media for support in airing their songs and massages.This has made it hard for them to showcase  their work and   also to tell the country of their existence.Passing their massage of peace has also been a challenge  with no support from the media.As the country prepares for the August 8th General elections any support extended to Chorea Ukabila to drive the massage of peace home among Kenyans is highly appreciated.The initiative has   vibrant social media accounts which makes the members keep in touch  with any member of society who may need their services.Find them on Face Book via The Massage Kenya,Twitter@ThemassageKE,Instagram @themassageke.


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