Find out about the Sleeping Positions of Women and what they Reveal About Them


BY UPESINEWS LIFESTYLE REPORTER ,NAIROBI,20TH APRIL 2017-Your body posture and stance  can tell the world a lot about you, whether you realize it or not. When you’re awake, however, you’re at least somewhat in control of how you appear to the world. When you’re asleep, on the other hand, your subconscious takes over. If you find yourself sleeping in the same position, night after night, that can be very revealing. Your posture when you’re asleep is a window into your psyche—it can reveal your secrets. We embarked on the discovery journey about this interesting phenomenon . Here’s what  we discovered:

#1 – You have to hug something

When you fall asleep with something in your arms—be it a pillow, a teddy bear or a comforter—it implies you’re very trusting, and open with others—perhaps to a fault! Your friends know that you’re a trustworthy companion who will always have their back, even if you can be a little bit clingy from time to time.

#2 – Sleeping Freefall

If you sleep on your stomach, with your hands tucked under your pillow, that implies that you have a welcoming personality—you’re warm, generous and open to people and new ideas. You may also be a bit sensitive, though.

#3 – Side logger

People who sleep on one side or the other tend to be calmer than other types of people, and overly trusting. The world doesn’t bother them as much as other types, and they can let things roll off their backs. You’re outgoing and charismatic, and a fun person to talk with at parties.

#4 – Sleeping like a straight board

If you find yourself spending the night flat on your back, ramrod straight, than you are likely a more quiet and reserved person—you don’t need to be holding on to anything to express yourself. It express a confidence and a self-awareness, as well. You think highly of yourself, and are confident in your everyday interactions. You’re probably also a little bit of a perfectionist—everything must be in its right place.

#5 – The snorer

Snorers find themselves irritated a lot throughout the day. This might be because you don’t get much sleep—either because your snoring keeps you up, or your snoring wakes up your significant other, and then they wake you up.

#6 – The fetal position

If you find yourself crouching in bed, with your knees drawn up to your body, that implies you’re trying to protect yourself. You’re probably more sensitive than the average person, and you’re shy and timid in public situations.

#7 – The yearner

This oddly-named position involves you sleeping on your side, but with both hands held out in front of you, like you’re pleading for something. Oddly enough, the personality it indicates is almost the exact opposite—it implies you’re more cynical than the average person, and you dole out your trust in small, earned doses.

#8 – The starfish

Find yourself on your back, with both arms above your head—sticking out like a star? That means you are initially a little shy when dealing with people, but once they get past your exterior, you become a true and loyal friend.

so which category do you belong? you know it!

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