No longer at Ease in NASA as Mudavadi , Wetangula parties clash with ODM over leaked flag bearer report

NASA Principals at a recent event/FILE

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,11TH APRIL 2017-The Orange Democratic Movement is undermining unity of the National Supper Alliance, the Musalia Mudavadi-led Amani National Congress (ANC) party has said. This is after ODM Acting Secretary General Agnes Zani issued a statement confirming that a leaked report from the NASA National Coordinating Committee that proposes a Raila Odinga-Kalonzo Musyoka ticket for the August General Election was accurate. “The ODM statement is a confession that leaves no doubt as to where leaks of working documents meant to undermine NASA unity have been coming from. It is confirmation that ODM is negotiating in bad faith.

This is bad manners that shouldn’t be entertained in any negotiation,” Amani National Congress Secretary-General Godfrey Osotsi said. “ANC reiterates that its representatives are not aware of a formal report authored by NCC for the attention of and shared with the principals on the matter of flag bearer. Partisan positions taken and proposals made by NASA partner parties at NCC are neither fait accompli NCC nor NASA documents.”

Osotsi says ODM’s confession leaves no doubt as to where leaks of working documents meant to undermine NASA unity have originated from. He dismissed the leaked report, which indicates Mudavadi will be appointed as the Chief Minister, as mere propaganda meant to undermine the credibility and integrity of the NASA process. “To applaud the leaking of such raw and deceptive presentations as germane NCC reports is to say the least, undermines NASA unity at the behest of external anti-NASA forces,” he said. “We are outraged – and Zani ought to know – that admission by ODM party that it is responsible for dirty propaganda leaks undermines the credibility and integrity of the NASA process.

This level of arrogance shouldn’t be entertained.” Indeed, he said, “this is why NASA Principals have reprimanded premature leaks of working documents and asked NCC to prepare a comprehensive report of its activities to date.” “Zani is in error of judgment purporting to speak for the NCC. It is only the co-chairs who are authorized to speak for NCC as a team and can vouch for the authenticity of documents.

The last time the Co-chairs spoke they disowned what ODM through Zani now owns.” The Moses Wetangula-led Ford Kenya has also categorically stated that no, “decision on who flies the coalition’s flag has been made just yet.” In a statement, Ford Kenya has castigated their counterparts in ODM for the leaked report.




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