disgruntled ODM aspirants protests against direct nominations given by the party

ODM leader Raila Odinga hands over nomination certificate to Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok on April 3rd 2017

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,5TH APRIL 2017-Several Orange democratic  movement party aspirants have protested the move by the party to give some aspirants direct nominations terming it unfair.The aspirants who protested outside the party headquarters at the Orange house  Wednesday Morning includes the nominated senator Elizabeth Ongoro who sites frustrations within the party .

Ongoro who spoke to the press says despite his overwhelming support she has give to the party and its leader Raila Odinga their has been spirited efforts within the party to push her away after having  declared  her stand to vie for the Ruaraka parliamentary seat.She says she has met enormous resistance   from the party which has gone a head to award her competitor  the current Ruaraka TJ Kajwang despite the fact that Kajwang had her as a challenger.

Ruaraka  parliamentary Seat aspirant Elizabeth Ongoro who is also a nominated senator and the incumbent TJ Kajwang.

Ongoro further says that come August 8th 2017 she will be on the ballot vying for the Ruaraka parliamentary seat on a another party within the National Super Alliance Coalition.She also expressed her displeasure over the manner in which the party has handled the issue where she has reported that her life was in danger   from several attacks mated on her whenever she was having any meeting in Ruaraka  constituency .

She says that on many occasions she has been attacked by Criminal groups  she says are normally hired by MP TJ Kajwang to harm her,but despite having reported  the matter to the party leadership no steps to address the problem has been taken.The Orange democratic movement plans to kick off its party primaries on Friday the 7th April 2017. The exercise will start with Nairobi before moving to other counties in two weeks to come.




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