Huge breakthrough in war on terror as key ISIS agent is arrested

Most wanted terrorist suspect Ali Hussein Ali and accomplice Abdi Yusuf Mohammed/PHOTO  Interior Ministry


BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,31ST MARCH 2017-Police have  c0nfirmed the  arrest of a key  terror suspect for  being involved in human smuggling and financing of  terrorism.

The  Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet,  says  they have arrested Ali Hussein Ali alias The Trusted One  who is said to have  links with ISIS, Al Shabaab and the Magafe Human Smuggling Network in Libya.

The suspect was arrested together with two accomplices, Ibrahim Abasheikh Mukhtar and Abdi Mohamed Yusuf, during a joint operation carried out by security agents.

“He came to Kenya in 2010 under the pretext of being a tourist. He later moved to South Africa, Sudan and finally Tripoli in Libya where he was recruited to join ISIS,” he stated.

Ali then returned to the country in November 2016 where he became a key agent of ISIS and the Magafe network.

The suspect played a key role in facilitating the travel of recruits from Kenya to Somalia to join ISIS in Libya, as well as enable illegal immigrants to enter Europe via Libya.

He facilitated the transfer of money linked to an IS network that traversed several countries including South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Dubai and Libya.

 Ali, who was referred as The Trusted One among the Magafe network was demanding “$639,000 from his boss at the time of his arrest.”

Police say the suspect  was to pay him for successfully delivering recruits and illegal immigrants to various destinations.

The suspect used Eastleigh and Malindi as recruiting grounds.

Mukhtar according to detectives used his Watamu house to accommodate recruits and terrorists, willing to be smuggled to Libya to join ISIS.

“Recruits and illegal immigrants captured in Libya have been requesting for assistance from their family members back in Kenya. The funds sent to Magafe are meant to secure their release,” Boinnet in a statement said.

“Further, ISIS recruits take advantage of the situation to extort their family members by making false claims of capture in order to finance their extremist’s activities.”

According to security agencies, tens of families are currently being extorted to raise money to pay ransom.

Some of the recruits are said to have lost their lives  in the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Europe.

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