BUDGET:2017/18 budget estimates to be presented to parliament

Treasury CS Henry Rotich when he presented to parliament the 2016/17 budget estimates in June 2016/FILE

BY  JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,30TH MARCH 2017-CS  Treasury  Henry Rotich is expected to table the 2017/2018 budget estimates as Kenyans hope it will be a mwanachi friendly budget.The budget  estimates will be tabled starting 3:00pm.This year’s budget will heat kshs 2.6 trillion with the most important sectors of the  economy expected to receive a huge share of the totally amount.In the past various key ministries  such as health,transport,education ,Agriculture and security have been the biggest beneficiaries owing to the huge role they play in growing the economy.

Kenyans will be keen to hear what the  CS Rotich will say as far as the cost of the basic commondities is concerned.For the better part of the period between 2014 to date the cost of basic food items such as Unga,milk ,sugar and ditergents have been going up therefore making it unbearable for common mwanachi.


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