Love gone sour leaves a man and a woman nursing injuries In Embu


BY JOHN WERU,23RD MARCH 2017-Police In Embu are investigating an incident in which a man and a woman  fought resulting to injuries to both of them.The two  are recuperating in different hospitals where they were rushed after the man stabbed the woman five times in public, attracting the attention of the public who beat him up.

The 6.30pm incident took place at the Embu bus park when the man walked straight to where the woman was selling her wares and stabbed her thrice on the head and twice on the back.

Matatu drivers and touts at the bus park quickly rushed the woman to Tenri Children Hospital where she is currently receiving treatment, while the public descended on the assailant with kicks and blows.

Quick response by the administration police saved the man from the irate crowd who was driven to the Embu Level Five Hospital where he is recuperating.

According  to Witnesses the  two were a couple but broke up in December last year. They say the  man has been attacking the woman at her shop since then.


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