Tanzanian Doctors to work in public hospitals,State house

State house spokes Man Manoah Esipisu/FILE

  BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,19TH MARCH 2017-The  Government says 500 Tanzanian doctors who are expected to start working in the country will be posted to public hospitals and will not  in anyway be involved in private practice.

The doctors will also not paid more than their Kenyan counterparts, but will be paid at par according to their experience with the package offered to Kenyan interns’ doctors and medical officers.

This is according to State House Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu during his weekly State House address.

He also stated that Tanzanians doctors could comfortably work in the country without further examination as they are qualified.

This is because the curricular in East Africa is harmonised and standardised, which allows them to work comfortably within the region’s borders.

“Contrary to misinformed opinion in some quotas, a doctor qualifying in any East African country can work in another without any further examination.”

 Esipisu’s statement follows the announcement by President John Magufuli of the decision to send the doctors to Kenya.

The move to hire Tanzanian doctors was first proposed by the Kenyan government as a threat during the just-concluded 100-day doctors’ strike that paralysed health services.

The doctors dropped their tools of work to protest against the Ministry of Health’s failure of implementing a 2013 agreement which included raising salaries.

The government at the same time has denied  claims that there are about 1,400 doctors who are not employed.
The spokesperson further revealed that the government has engaged Cuba to get more doctors to bridge the doctor patient ratio in the country.

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