Five cops behind bars for releasing immigrants after receiving bribes

BY UPESINEWS CORREPONDENT,NYERI,19TH MARCH 2017-Five police officers from  Nyeri County have been arrested for releasing 17 illegal immigrants from Ethiopia after receiving a bribe.

The officers based at Mathira Divisional Headquarters are alleged to have arrested the Ethiopian aliens on Saturday who were being ferried in a lorry at a roadblock in Karatina town.

They were however not booked or taken to the police station as they negotiated their release and paid off the police officers. It is however unclear how much money the police officers received as bribe.

Central Regional Police Coordinator Larry Kieng confirmed the arrest noting that the officers did not call in the incident or report to their seniors.

“We understand that the officers negotiated somewhere in town and released the aliens. They did not report to their seniors at the station,” said Kieng.

The truck ferrying the immigrants was however intercepted at another roadblock at Sagana in Kirinyaga County.

Fifteen of the immigrants were rearrested alongside the truck driver and a turn boy both believed to be Kenyans.

Two other Ethiopians were arrested in Karatina town where they had disembarked from the lorry.

He said that once the interrogations are concluded the officers and immigrants will be charged in court.

“At the moment we are still investigating and once we are done we will take the immigrants to court. And of course whoever among our officers is found culpable we will definitely take them to court,” said the police boss.
The five police officers and the aliens are being held at Karatina Police station for questioning by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

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