Twist and turns of Wajir county politics

Ward administrative offices-Wajir county BY UPESINEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,4TH MARCH 2017-Wajir county politics are starting to heat up as the country draws near to the general elections  after a section of area leaders vowed  not support the re-election of the current Governor Ahmed Abdullahi.

-what many may have not though of is that , among leaders championing the ouster of Governor Abdullahi is his Deputy Abdihafid  Yarrow who not only abhor what they claim is his lone ranger leadership style, but also accuse him of failing to live to the expectations of area residents who overwhelming supported during the last elections.

In the last election, they almost unanimously rallied behind Ahmed Abdullahi’s bid to be elected the first ever Governor of the expansive Wajir County.

First forward and four years later, they say for the few years he has been at the helm, he has failed their suitability test for the most coveted job.

Led by Wajir County Deputy Governor Abdihafid Yarrow, the leaders accuse Governor Abdullahi of failing to build a cohesive and integrated society by carrying out his development initiatives discriminatively.

They have now thrown their weight behind immediate former Kenya’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Mohamed Abdi Mohamud who wants to be elected the second Wajir County Governor.

The leaders also plans  to unveil a new line up that they say is poised    to change the political landscape of Wajir County.



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