Marwa orders removal of clinics from NYS Miritini

A section of the mobile clinics imported by Estama Investments Ltd at a National Youth Service camp in Miritini in  October last year. Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa has ordered their removal.

BY UPESINEWS CORRESPONDENT,MOMBASA,3RD MARCH 2017-Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa has ordered the removal of improvised containers for mobile clinics that have been lying at the National Youth Service camp in Miritini, Mombasa.

The 99 containers that featured in the Sh5 billion Afya House scandal were imported from China and have been lying at the camp since mid last year.

Mr Marwa said the clinics should be removed to pave way for a drugs addicts rehabilitation centre.

“I don’t want to see these containers here,” he said. “Only two of them should remain to be used here once the rehabilitation is complete. I don’t want to know where the owner will take them. In fact I do not even know how they were brought here.”

The 40-foot container clinics that were imported by Estama Investments Limited were kept at the Miritini station awaiting distribution.


Estama Limited and Kenya Revenue Authority are locked in a legal battle before a Nairobi court over claims that the firm did not pay taxes on the import.


In January, KRA said Estama had not paid taxes on the Sh800 million it was paid for supplying mobile clinics to the Health ministry.

Members of the National Assembly’s Health committee fell out during the inspection of the container clinics in November last year after it emerged that some were plotting cover-up of the scandal.

On Friday, Mr Marwa said he was not interested in knowing what was going on but “wants space at the yard.”

“I do not know about those other stories. I have just ordered the commander to ensure these things are removed from here. What I want here is space so that we can plan and this facility used,” said Mr Marwa.

He said a perimeter wall that is being erected to ward off “bad elements” from the rehab will be complete by Monday.

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