Business premises remain shut in Eastleigh as shops owners and hawkers disagree

The shops in Eastleigh remains closed/FILE

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,2ND MARCH 2017-Traders in  Eastleigh   made true their threat on  Thursday  to close shops following their  protest  against a court order that reinstated hawkers on the streets there.

The business community in the area is against the order and has urged the Nairobi County Government and other concerned parties act on reversing it.

The government should find them another place like a field to do business so that nobody is affected by this situation,There was presence of anti-riot police who were sent there to quell any expected clashes between the hawkers and the local shop owners.

The return of the hawkers led to a clash with the local shop owners for the second day Wednesday with many injuries and damage being reported.

The hawkers say they have an order allowing them to operate there and have asked police to avoid evicting them.

The standoff started when shop owners closed their businesses to protest against the rising numbers of hawkers in the area.

They now want the County Government to relocate the hawkers so that normal business may resume.


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