Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu freed of incitement charges


Kabete Member of Parliament Ferdinand Waititu who has been freed of incitement to violence charges/FILE

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,1ST MARCH,2017-Kabate member of parliament Ferdinand Waititu is a happy man after the court acquitted him  of incitement to vilence charges over statements he allegedly uttered in the year 2012 in Kayole.

The then Embakasi MP was accused of inciting Kayole residents during protests over the killing of a street boy. Waititu demanded that all members of the Maasai community leave the area after the killing of the boy.

Resident Magistrate Joyce Gandani on Monday  ruled that the prosecution failed to prove its case against the legislator.

Residents claim the boy was murdered by two Maasai watchmen who accused him of stealing a chicken.

After his remarks, residents staged demonstrations attacking watchmen and Masaai tradesmen and looting and damaging property. Two watchmen were killed in the rampage.

The court ruled that there was no direct evidence linking Waititu to the murder of the two guards.

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