Murder most foul ,bodies of four dead men discovered in Kikuyu

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,23RD FEB 2017-Police are investigating an incident in which four men have been found killed and their bodies dumped at Gitaru garage in kikuyu Kiambu county.

Police say the vehicle, which was parked at the garage on Wednesday morning, spent the whole day there without mechanics inspecting its cargo.

The driver who parked it, locals say, left immediately, without speaking to anyone.


At around 7pm, curious mechanics operating at the garage peeped through the windows of the Toyota Succeed, which resembles a Probox, only to find the bodies.

No identity documents were found on the corpses, which have been taken to City Mortuary in Nairobi.

Police suspect the four may have been murdered elsewhere and the bodies ferried to the area.

police were hunting for the driver who abandoned the vehicle.

Also wanted is the owner of the vehicle, whose identity police are likely to get from the Kenya Revenue Authority.


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