Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe to mark his 93rd birthday in style

BY UPESINEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,19TH FEB 2017-Many will call him the master of Zimbabwe politics while others will call him the man who has an iron fist .This Man Robert Mugabe is a man loved and ahted in equal maesures.He has been in power since the west African nation gained independence in 1980 . Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe turns 93-years-old on Tuesday (February 21).

Mugabe, now widely seen as a tyrant whose policies have destroyed the economy of one of Africa’s most prosperous nations and plunged his country into political crisis, was confirmed last year as his party’s sole candidate for the next presidential election in 2018, when he will be 94.

Born in 1924 in Kutama, his political career began in 1960 with the formation of the National Democratic Party. A teacher by profession he was jailed in 1964 for 10 years for fighting white minority rule in what was then Rhodesia.

After his release he went into exile in Mozambique where he and fellow nationalist leader Joshua Nkomo joined forces to form the Patriotic Front guerrilla alliance to fight the white regime led by Prime Minister Ian Smith.

During the war for independence Mugabe was known in liberal international circles as the thinking man’s guerrilla.

As he celebrates his birthday upesinews has established that his ZANU PF party plans to hold for him the mother of all celebrations at his Rural home.

The government has set a side over 20million dollars for the celebrations to be attended by among others foreign leaders and top management of his party.We wish him a happy birthday and many more happy years.

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