Wema Sepetu reveals more shocking details about drug trafficking case concerning her

Bongo flava actress Wema Sepetu

UPESI NEWS LIFESTYLE REPORTER,NAIROBI,6TH FEB,2017-Bongo flava actress  Wema Sepetu has revealed a rather shocking information concerning a case related to drug trafficking facing her.Speaking from the cell where she has been locked up since last weekend,Wema claimed that more people who are also involved in the illegal business remain free while very innocent ones are languishing in prison.She says that some government officials who are currently enjoying massive support from the John Pombe Magufuli led government who are known to be on the front line in dealing with narcotics have not been arrested.She went on to add that some prominent people who have been living large both within the country and outside owing to the proceeds of  drugs even though they are well known the police officers have not bothered questioning them.

Sepetu who was arrested last Friday  still remains in custody while police continue with their investigation.While speaking Monday when she made the chilling revelation Sepetu talked of a woman by the name Agnes who happen to have been well known to deal with the drugs and nothing has been done to arrest her.She also says some white fellow whom she was arrested with last week have since been released while she remain in castody”baadhi ya wazungu tulokuwa nao humu ndani wamesha achiliwa sijui vipi ilihali sisi tungali humu ndani”.she said.Her revelation has elicited mixed reaction across the social media platform in the country and across the east Africa with her fans sympathizing with her and praying the almighty will have mercy on her and deliver her from her tribulations.However others have castigated her and wondered why she has not mentioned more people if she knew that not all were arrested.Others blame her for taking without proof and dragging other people names into her mess.Police in Dar es Salaam  are yet to complete investigation and therefore the queen of Bongo Flava films can only hope that all goes well and that investigations are completed swiftly to save her from more pain.Should any more development on the story emerge,be sure we will  be just here to keep you in the know.Should you have any more details concerning this story or any other do not hesitate to drop us an email via info@upesinews.co.ke


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