Government intensifies war on drugs in Mombasa-DP Ruto

DP Ruto says government has intensified war on drugs at the coast.

BY UPESI NEWS CORRESPONDENT,MOMBASA,4TH JAN,2017-Deputy President William Ruto says the ongoing crackdown on drug barons and dealers in Mombasa  will continue until they are all wiped out.

“All those who have been involved in ruining the lives of millions of our youth in Mombasa and elsewhere in Kenya, have nowhere to hide, anymore,” Mr Ruto said while addressing a crowd in Likoni Saturday morning.

“We will crackdown on them until we completely eradicate this drug menace and deal with those behind it,” he added.

The Deputy President spoke on his way to Kwale on a voter drive also condemned demolition of kiosks and stalls on Friday night by the county government.

He questioned the motive of the demolition, on the eve of his arrival in the area, and accused the county of “mistreating” ordinary people carrying out legal business.

“It is not possible that this happened when I am here, as the Deputy President of Kenya,” he said and asked County Commissioner Kutswa Olakha to report to him the reasons for the demolition and report to him by 4pm.

“The county commissioner and the police must refuse to be used to oppress the people,” he said and asked Mombasa residents to vote out Governor Hassan Joho and his government over “poor leadership.”

He told those who were yet to register as voters to do so and ensure that they kick out the Joho administration in the August 8 General Election.

“Kiboko ya mambo kama haya ni kura. Chuma chao kiko motoni, (the only solution to cure such things is through the ballot. They are in trouble,” said the Deputy President.

Likoni MP Masoud Mwahima raised the issue, accusing the county government of illegally demolishing stalls and kiosks on Friday night without giving notice.

He accused the Joho administration of malice.

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