Jubilee party rubbish claims by opposition that IEBC Voter Register is compromised

Jubilee Party head of secreteriat Raphael Tuju

BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,3RD FEB,2017-The head of the Jubilee Party secreteriat Raphael Tuju has termed as mare propaganda claims by CORD leader Raila Odinga that the current IEBC voter register is greatly compromised.Speaking at the party’s head office in Nairobi Friday Tuju asked the opposition to concentrate on mobilizing voters to register in large numbers in their perceived strongholds areas in the country instead of claiming that the electoral body was favouring Jubilee party in the ongoing mass voter registration exercise.


Tuju also had issues with the distribution of BVR KITS across the country saying that CORD regions had been favoured by the commission in distributing the gadgets.According to Tuju an investigation carried out by the party had established that areas perceived to be CORD strongholds  had more kits that those of the Jubilee party and asked IEBC to asked.”IEBC to assure us that issues raised will be dealt with and no favors to Jubilee or NASA areas.”He was quick to point out that even though the same had been verified as true and factual the party had not logged   complains through the media.He says that as a party there are several issues that IEBC had not done right but they have not spoken about it simply because the commission’s mandate is a huge one and there is a need to allow it do its job without being interfered with.”IEBC has a credibility gap to fill and issues have been raised by people from Jubilee strongholds” he said.

“IEBC to assure us that issues raised will be dealt with and no favors to Jubilee or NASA areas.


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