Rodents goes claw to claw in the battle of titans have a look

BY UPESI NEWS TEAM,NAIROBI,30TH JAN,2017-When it comes to fighting for what human beings will call their rights nothing is left for chance, the same can be said of animals considered insignificant albeit in human eyes as we found out these feisty squirrels were caught kung fur fighting in the grass.Take this journey with us and discover an interesting part  of these small beauties!

It looked like the pair were going totally nuts over some…well, nuts, as they scrapped ninja-style.Squirrels are famous for hiding nuts but they also have to protect their supply – not only from other squirrels but also birds/

They regularly build ‘deceptive’ hiding places, where they did a hole and then don’t put a nut in it.

The rodents were going nuts over some nuts

Squirrels who look like they are attacking each other like Ninjas

They can really get funny at a time look at these ones.

Next time be on the look out you might just be lucky to see some of these interesting phenomenon happening around you!

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