Meru residents treated to a free show as a man hangs dangerously on a helicopter

The man hangs dangerously on helicopter carrying CORD leader Raila Odinga in meru.

BY UPESI NEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,26TH JAN,2017-You remember that man in Bungoma who decided to hang on an helicopter that had transported the body of the late businessman Jacob Juma for burial last year? News was all over the place on how the man may have been crazy,others thought he had gone bersac and others still associated the act with witchcraft .But wait a minute…if you had thought that the incident could be the last one ,you are wrong.

.On Thursday a man in Meru decided to join the the list of those who have at least enjoyed the helicopter ride albeit the wrong way when he hanged on the helicopter carrying CORD leader Raila Odinga immediately it took off  after he finished addressing the rally

.Questions continue to linger on whether this trend will continue to be witnessed in the country or the Meru case will be final? May be it is time the issue was looked into keenly just to find out what really is the reason before more worse tragedies emanating from such acts is witnessed.The man was lucky to have been rescued on time and rushed to hospital with serious injuries after the pilot landed unplanned to save the ”poor soul”  from aminent  death . Well next time you want to ride a chopper do not try this at home!

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