Nubians decry tedious and frustrating steps in getting IDs


Nubian Rights Forum chair Shafi Ali Hussein addresses journalists on 24th Jan,2017 in Kibra

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 24 – Nubians living in Kibera  could be locked out of the ongoing voter registration exercise due to  what they  term as discrimination and delays against the community in the process of issuance of Identification Cards.According to the Nubian Rights Forum, some members of the community are asked to provide additional documents like religious certificates and their grandparents’ identity cards to get IDs.

Shafi says as a result, a perception is created that Nubians are not fully Kenyans citizens and the process causes severe delays of even up to four years in issuance of documents.He further stated that despite President Kenyatta’s instructions for the National Registration Bureau to process national identity cards within three days, they were still being treated the same way.

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