Police raid governor Joho’s Nyali home

Mombasa governor Hassan Joho addresses the rally in the past/FILE PHOTO

BY UPESI NEWS CORRESPONDENT,MOMBASA,13TH JAN,2017-Flying Squad police officers on Friday raided and ransacked the house of a close ally of Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho in an operation whose purpose remains a mystery.

More than 10 officers stormed the house of Arub Ibrahim Katri, who, sources said, is a licensed firearm owner.

“They just came and got into the house. We do not know their motive, but when they are done, they will go,” one of Mr Katri’s relatives  told UPESI NEWS

Hours later, other officers visited a firearms shop owned by Mombasa County Inspectorate Director Naheed Musa.

“An inspection can only be done when the owner is there and you can see that I’m here with the officers. They are going through all my files in what the normal routines requires,” he added.

The incidents come three days after Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar called for an audit of some of the gun owners in Mombasa, including powerful personalities and politicians.

And a day after Mr Omar’s remarks, Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa said the government was planning to mop up illegal guns in the Coast region ahead of the August elections.

He said the operation would target mainly licensed owners, especially VIPs, who are abusing the privilege.

Mr Marwa further said that Nyali, a posh residential suburb where many prominent and powerful personalities live, was leading in harbouring illegal guns.


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