UPESI NEWS OPINION ,NAIROBI, 13TH JAN,2017-Once again  Kenya finds itself in an election year after five years of Jubilee leadership.It is yet  another  moments Kenyans have to choose their leaders who are going to steer the country forward in the next five years.We call for sober,mature and friendly politics.We would strongly oppose any kind of politics that would divide kenyans along tribal or on political basis.We should all remember that we have the power to either make our nation or break it down.We urge kenyans to shun any political leader who will incite them to kill or attack his or neigbour. After the August general elections Kenya will remain and we must guard  this our nation because indeed it is the only we have. As the general elections draw near we are likely to see increased campaigns activities across the country.We would like to appeal passionately    to our political leaders as they go on a vote hunt, let them be patriot and put Kenya first.This is the only way we can stand as a nation in this year of an election and beyond.

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