Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho rejects bodyguards after re-organisation

BY NAMULONGO PETER,11TH JAN,2017-Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho says he has no bodyguards despite assurances by the National Police Service that his security detail had been reinstated in what was described as a re-organisation exercise.

Speaking during the Opposition unity meeting at the Bomas of Kenya, Joho electrified the crowd when he said that he no longer needs bodyguards.“Since I came from Ghana, I have walked without my security and I can tell you that I am the happiest man on earth,” he said.

“I drove myself to this venue and I will drive myself back home. If I need security, you (the people) will protect me. Jubilee, keep the security detail to yourself, I don’t need them!

”Police Headquarters insisted that Joho’s bodyguards and those of Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi who were also withdrawn at the weekend had been reinstated.

“Let them keep security to themselves so that we can permanently put to an end this debate about security assigned to me,” he asserted.

“We do not need your security. We believe in God and no one take my life unless my time has come. After all, I am a Muslim… if I am felled at noon, by one o’clock I will be buried and the struggle continues.

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