BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAOROBI,6TH JAN,2017-Doctors  continue to stay put instsing that the collective bargaining agreement signed in the year 2013 must be implemented to the full even as the strike entered its 33rd day Friday.This makes the situation in public health facilities worsen especially  after doctors The ongoing doctors’ rejected  a 40% pay hike awarded to them by the government.

Doctors demonstrate /FILE PHOTO

Addressing the press Led by KMPDU chair, Samuel Oroko, and Secretary General, Ouma Oluga, the medics said they appreciate the offer tabled by the government during a meeting at State House, Mombasa but that was not enough but said they would continue with negotiations with the government.

“The members are appreciative of the President’s offer,” said Oluga.

“We shall attend the Treasury meeting at midday.”

Chairman Oroko noted that the key issue was not on pay rise but the implementation of the 2013 CBA.

“The issue is not increase in salaries or allowances but the implementation of the CBA,” said Oroko.

“We will not be distracted from discussing the issue since the CBA is more than just the money.”

He said that once the CBA is accepted as the basis of the negotiations, the implementation will then be negotiated.

The doctors were meeting at a city hotel to deliberate on the offer tabled by the government but unanimously reached a decision to further push for the implementation of the 2013 CBA.

KMPDU National Advisory Council and the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) consultants said the basis of the strike is the 2013 CBA and that allowances or offers outside the CBA can be discussed later.

“The document is valid as it was deposited in court, legally signed. All the other offers outside this can be discussed at a later stage,” said Prof Elijah Ogola, on behalf of Consultants.


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