Shock in Embu as Man commits suicide after shooting cows

One of the three cows and two goats that were shot dead with arrows on January 2, 2017 in Bwarwari village, Embu county by a man who later committed suicide. PHOTO | CURTESY

BY UPESI NEWS CORRESPONDENT,EMBU,4TH JAN,2017-Residents of  mbarwari  village in Embu County are reeling in shock after a 46-year-old man killed animals he had offered as bride price to his in-laws and then committed suicide on Tuesday morning.

Mr Paul Njeru Irema of Mbarwari Village, Mbeere North Sub-County, is said to have doused his thriving shop in petrol, set it on fire and proceeded to his in-laws’ homestead, where he fatally shot with arrows three cows, a calf and two goats.

He then hanged himself on a tree.
Chief Domisiano Njeru of Kirie Location said the man had given the animals as dowry recently.

“The animals he killed were the ones he took as dowry two weeks ago,” said Chief Njeru. “Everyone is shocked.”

The administrator said police in Siakago had launched investigations into the bizarre incident.

Mr Njeru said the deceased, who was a father of four, left a suicide note asking to be buried in a cowshed without a casket and detailing how his property would be shared.

“He requested that people do not contribute any money for his burial,” said the chief. “The place where he hanged himself is near the spot at which he wished to be buried.”
The chief said the man had recently quarrelled with his wife and she left for her parents’ home, which could have caused him to attack the animals.

Muminji Ward Administrator Njeru Nyaga said he had spotted the couple on Monday and they looked as if they had resolved their differences.

“It is as if the quarrel escalated during the month of December because he had not been operating his shop for a long time,” said Mr Nyaga. “He was a good man and of sober mind.
“We were worried why he was not operating during the festive period.”

The chief said the entire village had been shocked by the news and were wondering why the man took the drastic move.

He said the businessman, who was well regarded in the village, participated in many public functions and had recently built a beautiful mansion.

“He was a respected businessman and even had a lot of stock,” said Chief Njeru. “We didn’t think he could have taken such an action.”

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