BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,JANUARY 1, 2017-“Till death do us apart”, a phrase commonly used during matrimonial ceremonies but have you ever asked yourself as a man what it takes to finally use the phrase? Does it reflect in most of married couples?
Day after day we see in Televisions, read in the newspapers and witness  our friends, neighbors’ and even family members separating after being married for years, divorce cases have become a common phenomenon in our courts and we ask ourselves why?
Here are some reasons why!

My one question is, are there’ wife material’ or marriage type women in the up-to-date generation? Maybe there are but it depends on the type of a woman a certain man can take as a wife as every man has his preferences when it comes to choosing a partner in marriage. Men! You should choose your own type of a woman, one whom you are compatible with, don’t look at her beauty, color or how curvy she is. Remember, ’all what glitters may not be gold and sometimes physical appearance maybe deceiving.’
Types of women;
‘Typical women’
I call them typical as they don’t mind dating any kind of man. They are not materialistic; neither do they consider the ‘looks’. They fall in love genuinely and love their spouses truly regardless of their social class, financial status, looks and too many to mention. They are not choosy and love without expecting anything in return.
They always smile at their partner without waiting for them to smile back and they are always concerned without agitation. A typical woman will observe her partner without condemnation and when she sings for joy, she always invites him to do the same.
If any man finds this type of a woman, stick to her or you can be bonded to her as they are rare to find.
‘Gold diggers’
Gold diggers are material-minded kind of women. They associate with men for the sole purpose of acquiring monetary gains. They don’t fall in love but they always make men feel loved in order for them to be appreciated with material gestures. Here are some traits of a gold digger woman which men should keenly observe;
• They easily fall in love with wealthy men- They can easily succumb to advances of a rich man.
• They avoid pregnancy at all cost as they think it will tarnish their body figure thus no man will be attracted to them.
• They will forever be irritated and annoyed when they see their men spending on other people. They want to be the only beneficiary as long as the relationship lasts.
• They are extravagant.
• They are never concern in any man’s future plans as they are in a relationship for financial gain only.
These women value material things more than anything else in the world and are willing to go an extra mile as long as they fulfill their longings. To them,’ mwanaume ni wallet’ and they can only date a rich man regardless of age. A woman of this type can easily give into an old man’s sexual desires for his money.
They are very beautiful, classy and attractive to every man. Their beauty can easily deceive and that’s why these women spend a fortune for their looks. Men, keep off these women for a wife.
‘Independent women’
Women who pay their own bills, buys they own things and do not allow men to affect their stability or self-confidence.
These women ever support themselves entirely on their own and they necessary don’t need any man for support. They don’t mind about the looks but they fully value and appreciate, and understand the significant of their partners. They only need men who understand their independence attitude, ‘non-possessive’, and men who will give them their space and freedom.

Men who can embrace their independence attitude, their need for freedom and  ‘I-can-do-it-on-my-own’ attitude, these men would have a close and a loyal life companion for a wife.
‘Selfless kind of women
Just like independent women, they love paying their own bills but truly believe in partnership when dating or marriage. They tend to be halfway independent by splitting responsibilities with their partners.
They forever fight to be in equal positions with their partners. These women can make a very good wife but men will feel that their role as the head of family is undermined.
‘Black and white women’
I call them black and white because they are kind of women who are straight to the point. They confidently express their feelings without any fear. They will tell their partner what they want, where they stand, what hurts them and what’s in their heart and mind.
These women always do what they say and do it confidently. Open-minded is their attitude and can freely express themselves to their partners.

If there are women I really admire and envy their character are straight-to-point women. Many men don’t like these kinds of women as they hate being told the truth and it’s said ‘the truth hurts.’ Their motto is; ‘Better you hate me for telling you the truth rather than to love me for telling lies.’
Men, before you start any relationship, think twice the type of a lady you want to have as wife. Choices have consequences and if you choose the wrong type of a woman, trust me you will forever regret the rest of life. First, focus on certain qualities based on compatibility and not physical appearance. The outside beauty doesn’t reflect the character of a woman and it may deceive many men.

There you have it!


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