MUsalia Mudavadi Named Luhya Community spokes Person

Luhya leaders dance during the unveiling of the community’s spokesperson at Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega County on December 31, 2016. PHOTO CURTESY

BY NAMULONGO PETER,KAKAMEGA,31ST DEC,2016-Amani National Congress Party Musalia Muvadi has been name as the Luhya Community spokes person.Mudavadi was unveiled in Bukungu Stadium in Kakamega on Saturday.The Amani National Congress Leader’s name emerged top in the list of several other politicians from the region following the research carried out by Nairobi University school of Economics.The research was conducted between July and October 2016 and involved 2,650 people from across western kenya and indeed the whole country.Musalia emerged as the most popular political leader in western region by 39% followed by Kakamega county governor Wycliff Oparanya and Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula at 30%.The research also touched on the popularity of various governors from the region with Kakamega governor Wycliff Oparanya emerging as the best candidate to beat in the  gubernatorial race in 2017 elections at 71%.Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga was rated at 61% while Sospeter Ojamong of Busia  has the least popularity in the region at 41%.Bungoma Governor Kennedy Lusaka has 60% of popularity according to the research.

Speaking after he was installed  as the community kingpin ,Musalia  says s luhya people  are also kenyans and   must plan themselves before next year general elections.He also accepted the offer and promised to be a servant of the community. He says  thiis is the begining of mulembe people uniting.He also  called the  r community to unite for a common purpose.He further added d that the responsibility bestoed upon him is not easy and asked for the community to support him.”Mimi naomba msiniache nitembee peke yangu tutembee pamoja” he said.He also urged other rebel leaders from the community to join him in working for the community.He also urged the residents to go registere as voters in large numbers.It is the only way we can change the leadership of this country.I will look for Raila Amollo Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula so that we can unite and work together.Going forward the party is National  super allance party.We want the employees of this country to get better salaries and farmers get profit for their produce.We want to tame those fighting devolution and NASA shall ensure that money meant for devolution gets to the people.

He aslo urged the community not to accept small monies from those who come to buy them as voters and use them to advance their own agenda.you should reject them completely .


In a declaration read by Francis Atwoli several  points were agreed upon among them the following:

That the  luyha  community is a peace loving people.who belief in living in harmony with each other.

The community  abhor any manner of discrimination .

The community  belief in democratic tradition as demonstrated since independence.The community recognizes  those who have discriminated the community and considered them irrelevant will not be given a chance anymore.

The community shall ignore those who seek to devide them.

The community  invite other leaders to work with him.we demand respect from other leaders as we respect them.

Those who want any support  politically from the region must seek to work together with principal leader.Those who do not respect us will not get anywhere politically from the region.

The community give ticket to Musalia Mudavadi to vie for presidency in 2017.

Speaking at the event Kakamega county governor Wycliff Oparanya called upon the installed community leader to make  sure that he unite all  leaders.He promised to work together with Mudavadi in uniting the community.


Speaking just before the unveiling of Mudavadi as the community spokes person,Atwoli told off  those who  have opposed his plans as liers who have no truth in them.Atwoli has called for respect from leaders who do not hold the same views as his.He further said he has contributed to the political success of many politicians from the area such as Moses Wetangula and Bonny Khalwale and demanded that they must reciprocate by respecting him.He Narrated how he has planned meetings between luhya community leaders including Sirus Jirongo and Moses Wetangula since 2012 both at kakamega and in Nairobi with most of those meetings ending up without an agreement on how to unite the Luhya People.Atwoli said those who were not in Bukungu to witness the ceremony could as well forget any support from the people for skipping such an important event.Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula,Budalangi Mp Ababu Namwamba  and Kakamega senetor Bonny Khalwlae were missing from the event which brought together more than 500,000 people.Funyula MP Paul Otuoma who also attended the function insisted  that time had come for the community to unite in order to chat the political future of the region a head. He also urged the residents to gaurd their votes during the next years elections and not to be cheated into voting for outsiders.

Threats on his life.

Atwoli also revealed that some politicians from the region who were not happy with his intentions were now threatening him and Lugari member of parliament Ayub Zavula who is reported to have received several phone calls warning him not to work k with Atwoli or else they could kill him.Atwoli urged Zavula to go and record statement with police on the same adding that such threats should not be taken lightly especially this time when the country is preparing for the elections next year.

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