Police nabb four grenade shells, 111 bullets in Kilifi

Kilifi County Police Commander Wachira Mathenge assesses an empty grenade empty motor shell that was found in  on December 30, 2016.

BY CORRESPONDENT ,KILIFI,30TH DEC 2016-Police have confiscated four rocket-propelled grenades and 111 bullets in a village in Kilifi County.

The weapons were found in a thicket in Mbuzi Wengi by a resident.

A team of police officers led by County Commissioner Joseph Keter visited the area and handled the matter.

“He was coming from Maweni towards Mtwapa and he lit a cigarette and threw the match stick on the ground.

“There were some garbage which caught fire and suddenly he heard several ammunition exploding sounds from the burning garbage,” Mr Keter said.

Mr Keter said so far no suspect has been arrested and investigations are still ongoing.

“We have not arrested anyone so far but we are closely following up the matter for any suspects.

“We are sending the ammunition and the grenade motor shells to ballistic experts in Nairobi so that they can be assessed.

“At the moment, we leave it to the investigation team to take up the matter,” Mr Keter added.

County Police Commander Wachira Mathenge said they did not pose any danger.


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