COTU calls for senate not to pass the amendments to the electoral law


COTU Secretary General, Francis Atwoli/FILE PHOTO.

BY NAMULONGO PETER,226TH,DEC,2016-The Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) wants the Senate to throw out the amendments made to the Election Laws (Amendment) Act, 2015 by the National Assembly saying that the changes are not in good faith.

“COTU calls upon The Senate to live-up to its expectation as the Upper House and refuse to pass the contentious amendments to the laws that will govern our 2017 General Election and present self as an alternative House for national guidance,” said COTU in a statement signed by Secretary General, Francis Atwoli.

“Equally COTU calls upon His Excellency The President, being a symbol of national unity and an institution that all Kenyans, irrespective of their political party affiliations, look upon amid such sharp divisions in the country, not to Assent to the Bill and instead send it back for consensus building and dialogue among our legislators for both sides of the House for the single sake of peace and harmony among Kenyans after the August 2017 Elections.”

COTU says that passing of such a law without proper consultations is a recipe for chaos and the ultimate recipients are the Kenyans.

“COTU is a live to the fact that should any violence erupt after our General Election, the recipients will be workers, women and children with the political class staying safe in their comforts and it is against this background that COTU wouldn’t anticipate witnessing any such repeat of the 2007/2008 incidences that were brought to Kenyans after an election.”

“The passing of this law was uncalled for in such an emotive and acrimonious sitting of MPs and it is evident some individuals have allowed power to get into their heads and use the August House to pass archaic legislations when it is in the interest of the nation that in case of such hostilities, the best parliament should do is to encourage dialogue and consultations similar to the previous IPPG case.”

Atwoli said that the passing of the law will only serve to divide Kenyans even more as it is only meant to serve a few individuals.

“Passing of any laws that aims at serving individuals will never take Kenya to next anticipated levels and COTU appeals to His Excellency the President to exercise his wisdom as our Head of State and Chief Executive of this country, away from any political party coercion and refuse to ascent to this Law

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