NTSA director general Francis Meja address a past meeting/FILE PHOTO


BY UPESI NEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,24TH DEC,2016-As a way of dealing with the cases of roads accidents in the country which normally increase during the festive season, the National transport and safety Authority has warned motorists against flouting traffic rules as they travel to various destinations across the country to join their family members for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

In a statement send to newsrooms and signed by NTSA director general Francis Meja on Saturday, the organization  outlined  drunk driving, over-speeding,  total disregard to the traffic rules, illegal operation of PSV and careless overtaking especially around blind corners as the most  contributor to the crashes on the roads. The organization says it has deployed its officers on all major roads across the country in a bit to keep the situation in check.

Travelers are advised not to board private vehicles operating as PSV   as they risk being inconvenienced once the said vehicles are   intercepted and detained. The drivers whose vehicle ply routes going to the western region, rift valley and Nyanza that they should exercise caution as the region are still experiencing rainfall    and roads in those parts of the country are slippery.


The authority also gave a list of known black spots in various regions across the country namely,Western,coast,Eastern,Rift Valley and Nyanza regions.




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